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This was one of my first shots, just over a year back and today I revisited those lovely photos of Kaina Morais for her precious brand Native Soul with different eyes and re-edited them. It's rewarding to see how much I learned on those 14 months and I must say all the work and energy I put into this passion is been worthy! 🌵 I love her art so much that I wanted to show a bit of her universe here. 

"Native soul is an Art brand that is made to be seen from the soul" says Kaina the beautiful artist behind the brand. 
Their dream catchers and paintings are simply gorgeous and have a strong influence of Pernambuco, the "Brazilian California", yoga and meditation and also native indigenous culture. Their pieces are all handmade, with crochet mandalas and natural feathers. And the good news is: they can be bought from her Etsy shop. (Yeeeei) or you can just send her an email: 

 Kaina Morais and her Native Soul dream-catcher

Kaina Morais and her Native Soul dream-catcher

It all started about 2 years ago when Kaina went back to painting after a break of almost 5 years. She felt the need to express herself through her art again straight after she started remaking dream-catchers for friends, but this time a bit different from the ones she used to make back in Brazil. 
Her unique dream catchers are now made with a hind of Bondi Beach style, handmade crochet, jute twine, feathers and shells. It's impossible not fall in love. 

She also draws unique mandalas and doodles, always surrounded by cactus, succulents,  🌵good music and incense, and her instagram comes with lots love and inspiration too. 

Besides hand-making those lovely bohemian art Kaina is also a visual merchandiser for a super cool surf shop that obviously gets lots of her tropical vibes and style. 

All the dream catchers and paintings are made manually, individually and with lots of pure love and soul. 

Crossing the world and connecting the beautiful indie vibe for all ages, nationalities and dreamers. 

The idea is to connect Native souls and make your home more dreamy. Come dream with us!  

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