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$650 per person.

If you want to learn how to shoot and edit your images like a pro — this workshop will level up your photography game.

Learn how to produce, shoot and edit your ideal images using the best image edition softwares in the market in a simple and objective way!

Killing and professional techniques to create images working in an organized way.


  • 6 hours of intensive learning (2 days of 3h. lessons)
  • Printed Material
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This 6 hour intensive workshop will take you through the creative possibilities of photography. From planning to treating the final images, learn how to create amazing photos, treat colours and imperfections.

  • Learn how to take amazing photos
  • Edit using software Adobe® Lightroom®.
  • Edit using software Adobe® Photoshop®.

Topics covered but not limited to:

  • How to shoot in manual mode and get stunning images
  • Photography principles - Composition
  • Getting started with Lightroom
  • Digital workflow - Organising your library
  • Library module
  • Development module
  • Targeted adjustments
  • Batch processing
  • Retouching techniques
  • Optimising your exports
  • Creative image manipulation techniques
  • Finding your aesthetic

*Only available in Sydney, location:50 Clarence Street. No prior knowledge is required.