Renata Tupynamba is an SYD-based Creative Director and Digital / Social Media marketing Manager who loves art & strong concepts that can be visually translated to the world.

Born at the sun-kissed groves of South America, her work is inspired by films, magic realism, travel & a bit of rock n’roll –– Storytelling concepts lays in the heart of her work. Her imagery is playful and vibrant, but it’s also very meaningful. She freelances with exciting brands exploring colour + composition producing eye-catching brand content while pushing forward her vision of women empowering women.

Special interests in fashion, advertising and photography.

During her professional experience and studies (Bachelor along with 3 post graduations within Law and Marketing Business Administration) she developed a high level of strategic thinking, communication and design skills to help you connect with your target.

E: hello@indiatupy.com
IG: @indiatupy 


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