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South America
+61 406 030 074 

inside  the studio 


India Tupy is a photographer originally from the sun-kissed groves of South America.

With a bohemian style, with a huge influence of the 70's, some tropical caribbean beats, Bossa Nova and Rio she absolutely loves an old film texture in the images she creates. She works along with designers, models, hair and make up artists, stylists and other photographers to bring you everything you need for the production of your photoshoot: Art direction, Casting, Location scouting, Styling, Photography and high quality prints.

Along with India Tupy you can also find Surf & Earth (awesome aerial photography artwork).



I believe that my images should speak loads about what your brand reflects. At the same time I strive to create images that connects and can provoke feelings. Photos that make you want to visit them again and again, like when you listen that good old Rollings Stones song [and put it on repeat]. 

That is what makes life interesting! The story telling concept lay in the heart of my work. I plan carefully and pay close attention to light, texture and colour while trying to find the finest vantage point to offer a true intimacy with the subject.